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电 话:18932525553

邮 箱:tsxtsy@163.com

网 址:www.tsxtsy.com

地 址:Zhao Dian Zi Zhen San Gang Wan Cun Xi, Qian'an City, Hebei Province

Company profile

      Tangshan Xintian Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a high-tech group enterprise featuring comprehensive businesses, such as domestic and foreign mine development, mineral procurement, processing, and sales.


      The company has two subsidiaries, Qian’an Yuanxiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and Leting Xintian Industrial Co., Ltd. It processes various ores, and its annual processing capacity and trading scale is nearly 10 million tons (among which the processing capacity of non-ferrous metallic and non-metallic minerals is 3.5 million tons), ranking among the top companies of the kind in China. Through in-depth cooperation with major mining companies in the upstream and iron and steel smelting enterprises at home and abroad in the downstream, it aims to make Xintian become an international brand.


      Since its establishment, we have been practicing the operating principles of relying on science and technology as well as talents, asking for benefits from management, and seeking development by paying great attention to reputation, so as to make the company always maintain rapid and steady development in the highly competitive market.


      In the future, we will continue to practice the mission and purpose of “remaining true to our original aspiration, and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, “rejuvenating the company with science and technology, rejuvenating the state with industry, and serving the country with our businesses”, lead the development of the industry, promote the development of the local economy, contribute our effort to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and open Xintian’s new chapter in terms of our businesses.



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