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Cultural symbol

Benevolent people like mountains and wise people like water

Xintian culture worships mountains and admires water. With the inclusive spirit of mountains and the tenacious character of water, it nourishes Xintian's vision for a century

"Mountain" and "water" are the cultural symbols of Xintian, which symbolize Xintian's enterprise spirit and cultural personality

Mountain - solemn: it symbolizes that Xintian group pays attention to responsibility and reputation.

Mountain - hard and lasting: it symbolizes that Xintian group adheres to its ideas and goals.

Mountain - stretching and meandering: it symbolizes Xintian group's lofty ambition and broad mind.

Mountain - lush: it symbolizes that Xintian group is inclusive and colorful.

Water - moisten things silently: it symbolizes that Xintian group is low-key and introverted, benefiting all parties.

Water - every drop wears the stone: it symbolizes Xintian group's perseverance, dedication and pragmatism.

Water - vast and magnificent: it symbolizes that Xintian group gathers resources and follows the trend.

Water - clear and clean: it symbolizes that Xintian group is open, transparent, standardized and simple.

Enterprise slogan

Be honest and dedicated and believe in nature


This is the company slogan



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