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Core values

      Never forget the original intention and remember the mission "," prosper the enterprise through science and technology, prosper the country through industry and serve the country through industry "

      Pursue the brand value of the enterprise on the premise and basis of customer value. Customer value is the basic purpose and evaluation benchmark of all operations of Xintian and the basic condition for the existence and development of Xintian. Take the projects and member enterprises in the industry as the carrier, take the responsibility of industrial development and promote the upgrading and progress of the industry, including the optimization of industrial structure and the improvement of industrial growth mode Transformation, the improvement of Industrial Science and technology content, the evolution of industrial value chain and the progressive development of industrial value form.

      Carry forward the dreams of several generations of Chinese entrepreneurs since modern times, catch up with the feelings of home and country in Chinese cultural tradition, and integrate their own undertakings into the historical tide of China's ongoing socio-economic development and modernization. From an international perspective, pay attention to the common values of mankind and pay attention to important issues affecting human society (such as climate, emission, environmental protection, energy, health, etc.) And make the best contribution to social progress and human happiness through their own meager strength.

Enterprise planning

      Based on China and looking at the world, Xintian industry plans to build Xintian into a world-class enterprise in three five-year development stages.

      In the first stage, the annual gold mine output will exceed 10 million tons by 2023, with multi-point layout in China, so that Xintian has a certain voice in the industry and has a high professional reputation. Management and technology will rise to a new level. The supply of self-sufficient minerals in South America, Australia and Africa will reach 30% - 50%. Mineral processing technology and scientific and technological innovation will take the lead and make full preparations for going global and market tests in the future.

In the second stage, it entered the top ten in the domestic mining field

In the third stage, it has entered the top ten in the world mining field


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