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Sulfur concentrate

Sulfur concentrate

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The difference between mineral powder and iron powder


Mineral powder

Ore powder generally refers to the material powder obtained after crushing the mined ore, such as iron ore powder, which refers to the ore powder with different iron content obtained after grinding, ball milling and magnetic separation of different types of iron ores, such as limonite and magnetite. The iron content of common ore powder is 60-68%, and that of super concentrate powder is 70-72%. While the iron content is higher than that of ore powder by different processing technologies, such as reduction method , water or air atomization method, mechanical grinding method, electrolysis method, molten salt decomposition method, evaporation condensation method, etc. to obtain high-grade granular iron powder, which can meet the use requirements.


Slag powder

Slag micro powder is also known as ore powder and granulated blast furnace slag powder. The mineral powder produced in China is mainly used for mixing


Slag powder

The concrete admixture is produced by a professional factory. It is added to the concrete when making concrete, and the amount of admixture shall account for the cement quality in the concrete. In general, part of gypsum can also be added in the production of mineral powder, calculated as SO3%, generally 2%. [2]

Mineral powder can be further divided into ordinary mineral powder and ultra-fine mineral powder. Distinguish by specific surface area.

Mineral powder is a kind of high fineness and active powder obtained by water quenching blast furnace slag, drying, grinding and other processes. It is a high-quality concrete admixture and cement admixture. It is recognized as an important material for the preparation of high-performance concrete in the world. By using granulated blast furnace slag powder, the compressive strength of concrete can be effectively improved and the cost of concrete can be reduced. At the same time, it has obvious effect on restraining alkali aggregate reaction, reducing hydration heat, reducing early temperature crack of concrete structure, improving concrete compactness, improving impermeability and erosion resistance.

According to the national standard GB / T18046-2000, the mineral powder is divided into three grades: S105, S95 and S75. The content of active calcium, silicon, aluminum and other inorganic substances is more than 30%.

Superfine slag powder can not only reduce the cost of 8-13 yuan per cubic meter of concrete, but also make the concrete have good mechanical properties, small and delayed hydration temperature peak, good volume stability and other characteristics.

Lead and zinc are associated with some polymetallic ores. At present, it is difficult to separate a single type of concentrate from...

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